Communication is key to Business

Communication has always been a vital part of successful business . But the ways in which companies communicate has changed considerably over the years. Nowadays people expect instant communication and immediate responses. Companies need to ensure they are equipped with the latest technology available to keep them ahead of the game. Now, more than ever, it is all about efficient and effective communication to both staff and customers. Luckily, through today’s technology, almost anything is possible.

Communication from PureBlue

Here at PureBlue, We offer unified communications solutions that will bring your company’s Instant Presence information, Mobile Devices, Landlines and Video Conferencing together into one simple and integrated experience. Whether you choose our tried and tested market-leading Cisco Unified Call Manager, our SIP trunks, or our enterprise grade Video Conferencing solution, your company’s communication needs will be more than satisfied.  We can tailor any combination of these to bring you the most suitable option for you that is currently available.

SIP Trunks

We offer business class SIP trunking services, which will provide ease, convenience and cost-savings for your business and eliminate your need for a local PSTN gateway. Your investment in SIP trunking will give you an immediate cost saving on your monthly rentals and offers all the same features you currently enjoy from your existing telephone system.

Enterprise Hosted

PureBlue can manage your telephony systems through our hosted services from end to end, offering you cost savings and convenience. We will host the service in our data centre, you will make and receive calls via our SIP trunks and the connection will be provided through our Ethernet or Broadband services.

Business Hosted

Through our Business Hosted solutions, PureBlue can manage your telephony systems from end to end – service is hosted in our data centre, calls are made and received via our SIP trunking and connectivity is provided through our Broadband or Ethernet services.