What is Colocation?

A colocation centre is a data centre where space for servers and other equipment is offered for rent to customers. These centres provide power, cooling, fire suppression, Internet connections and the physical space for the customer’s equipment on a very cost-effective basis  These data centres are highly secure and offer flexibility meaning you can use as much or as little space as you need. Colocation facilities     will generally offer unbeatable resiliency as they have multiple diverse connections and power supplies. They come with state-of-the-art fire suppression and backup generators. Colocation is a viable alternative to companies managing their IT hardware on-site, because it offers services and levels of reliability that are often not financially possible for the average company.

Colocation from PureBlue

We offer state –of- the-art colocation facilities, combined with the highest levels of availability and performance at competitive prices. You
would be able to house your server hardware within one of our resilient data centres and be connected to our reliable and secure network,
offering you flexibility and immediate cost savings.
Take advantage of our colocation services and you will be able to maintain your business scalability and continuity, at a fraction of how

much it would cost to operate your own private datacentre. To find out more about our colocation services and how they can benefit your
business, contact a member of our friendly and professional customer service team today.

Data Centre Locations

Our primary datacentre facilities are located within Telehouse North in London’s Docklands. This is part of the Telehouse Group , one of the largest datacentre organisations in the World.

Data Centre Equipment

The equipment at our datacentre is state-of-the-art and has been chosen to create the ideal environment for housing your data.

Data Centre Services

We know that managing critical business applications starts with comprehensive planning.