Business Continuity

The PureBlue Continuity Services Plan is focused on your business continuity and disaster recovery during a catastrophic event. In the event of a disaster, time would be of the essence to you and your business – what would you do without your IT systems? How much downtime could you afford? At PureBlue we understand how critical your IT systems are to your business and are ready to create a plan that can be put into action immediately to minimise the potential loss.

Technical Recovery Solutions

Technical Recovery solutions are available from a single replacement server to a fully configured workplace. Just take a look at what we offer:

  • Workplace Recovery
  • Infrastructure Recovery
  • Technology Recovery
  • Enhanced Recovery
  • Personal Service

Data Recovery

The London and the south-east areas of the UK have the most business activity and highest employment. Therefore, a Data Recovery centre in London is particularly vulnerable if the capital was temporarily closed down. Access to our site in Kent is quick and easy.

By discussing your requirements with PureBlue you will receive personal service and will have the confidence of knowing how quickly we can help you to resume operations. Any business, small, medium or large, can be vulnerable to downtime, so this is the moment to discuss what PureBlue could do to take away the worry – it would be time well spent.


Cutting-edge Cloud technology lets you protect your firm's crucial data, and invest in its future. Find out how our Cloud solutions are the most cost-efficient and smart options for a forward-thinking business.


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Protect your business from outages with fast, reliable connectivity. Learn more about our business-class internet options such as EFM and fibre Ethernet circuits, backed by industry leading SLAs.