Find out how our network and datacentre facilities are helping to grow dietary supplement company RE:Active

RE:activeFounded in 2005, RE:Active is a group of companies that manufacture dietary supplements, and other fitness products internationally, for retail and wholesale.

The challenge

For RE:Active, “bulletproof” and scalable technology solutions was key to fit around their continuing growth. They needed reliable services to support their customers’ purchasing, and communication services

Our solution

We provided RE:Active with a complete and reliable all-round service, which included high speed internet services and call centres. This allows them to meet their customers’ needs and develop a great service, and improve their assortment of products.

RE:Active’s verdict

RE:Active’s director Darren Smith said that our partnership and services are “integral to the growth of the company, and will help it to increase its market share over the next 5-plus years”.

It’s testament to our services that we’re an indispensable part of a growing company and can support its vision.


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