Spring Offer - Free installation!

To celebrate the arrival of Spring, the first 100 customers to place connectivity orders will receive free installation on 10Mb and above Fibre Ethernet services and our EFM product portfolio. Excess construction costs may be applicable. The offer is valid until the end of March 2012.

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  • PureBlue Ethernet and Leased Lines provide cost effective, high speed circuits that are permanently connected. Our Ethernet solution provides a secure link to the internet, our data centres or other sites as part of the PureBlue IP Virtual Network solution.

    Ethernet and Leased Lines

Internet Leased Lines

What is an internet leased line?

An internet leased line connects your business directly to the internet using a dedicated fibre connection. Because your connection is not shared over normal telephone lines, such as ADSL/Broadband, you get guaranteed speed, reliability and better security. Because the connection is symmetrical you can upload data at the same speed as you download.

High speeds

When you commission an internet leased line you will make two decisions on speed. Firstly how fast you want your connection to run day to day (your throughput), secondly what type of bearer you want (this governs the maximum speed your connection will be able to achieve without further installation). Throughput speeds can be anywhere from 2Mpbs up to 10Gb depending on what you need. If you would like to talk through which speed set up might work best for your business request a consultation.

Guaranteed, consistent speed

If you are using a traditional broadband connection you may have noticed your internet connection slowing down at peak times, or even slowing down at the end of the month if your ISP has a fair usage policy. With a PureBlue Leased Line you will be the only company using this connection (1:1 contention ratio), giving you guaranteed and consistent speeds both up and downstream. A 10Mbps leased line will give you 10Mbps for both upload and download all day, every day unlimited and always available.

Improved security

Leased lines create a private connection between you and the network, making your data transfer more secure. This is the technology often used to connect banks and other financial institutions, so a very important consideration if you have mission critical data about your business or customers that you need to keep safe.

Greater reliability

As well as offering guaranteed consistent speeds, PureBlue Leased Lines come with a comprehensive support package included as standard.  If you know which product is right for you, click on the Request a quote button opposite. 

  • 100% SLA with money-back guarantee
  • Dedicated Guaranteed Speeds
  • 4 Hour Fix Time
  • UK Based Support Team and on-going Account Management

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