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To celebrate the arrival of Spring, the first 100 customers to place connectivity orders will receive free installation on 10Mb and above Fibre Ethernet services and our EFM product portfolio. Excess construction costs may be applicable. The offer is valid until the end of March 2012.

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VCEverywhere Ltd

VCEverywhere About VCEverywhere Ltd

VCEverywhere provides the gateway to interoperability between audio, documentation sharing and video.

They understand that video conferencing should not just be limited to within the enterprise. Attending meetings outside of business hours, from home or on the road is an accepted necessity for today’s enterprise. Providing same user experience out of the office is a significant challenge.

They are the only service provider able to give a single 100% standards based (SIP and H.323) application across PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and mobile Android devices.


VCEverywhere was looking for a managed IP service provider with a difference - not only to provision, host and secure their system but to assist with the infrastructure design and build.

The Challenge

VCEverywhere required a bespoke hosting solution incorporating flexible internet transit with the ability to utilise it on a “as of when it’s demanded” basis, along with provisioning ISDN30 & SIP gateways, security was always to be the priority.

The Solution

PureBlue provisioned VCEverywhere with industry leading dual firewalls with automatic failover in the unlikely event of any hardware issues. Further resiliency was provided by provisioning dual power and transit feeds to their dedicated rack space and a bespoke enhanced service agreement to cater for of their on-going support requirements.

“From the day we made contact with PureBlue, through to the provisioning and implementation everything has been professionally and timely executed with the tight deadlines we asked them for, in particular this was possible due to their support team who have offered an outstanding service. We plan to continue to work closely with PureBlue and look forward to adding more services in the future.”
- Richard Petchey, Director of Technical Services



About RE:Active

IT Services have become of major importance to RE:Active, a group of companies that manufacture, wholesale and retail mainly dietary supplements internationally since 2005. Key needs for our customers are reliability of service, especially when our customers are looking to make final buying decisions.

Having grown year on year since inception, RE:Active required the services of a bullet proof IT service to support all of our communication needs, from call centres to high speed internet services. So it was with great pleasure that RE:Active announces its partnership with PureBlue.

“We decided to use the services of PureBlue because we need to provide a reliable service to our customers; we are committed to customers’ needs to drive us to improve our products and services internationally.RE:Active Directors believe our business is capable of increasing its market share over the next 5+ years and we see our partnership with PureBlue as integral to our growth.”
- Darren Smith, Sales and Marketing Director, RE:Active.

Carreras Lathane Associates

About Carreras Lathane Associates

Carreras Lathane Associates (CLA) is a central London based recruitment consultancy with over 30 years’ experience in the media industry. CLA are one of the most well-known and respected media sales recruitment businesses in the UK.


CLA knew they required new technologies to keep up with the times and could see their industry becoming totally reliant on cutting edge technology including Cloud based IP solutions. They were using a basic antiquated PBX telephone system and ISDN30 which bought no value added benefits along with high running costs. In 2005 they came to PureBlue looking for a reliable and cost effective IP and telecoms solutions that would see them into the 21st Century. CLA’s systems had previously been managed in-house and they now required a complete technology partner to implement a new, cost effective and reliable solution.

The Challenge

CLA required PureBlue to provide a solution that would enable them to communicate seamlessly with their suppliers and clients streaming continual data to a cloud based service which would incorporate a centrally managed database. They also required improvements to their internal communication with the use of unified communications.


PureBlue provisioned their hosted Cisco Unified Communications Manager IP telephony system, which immediately reduced the client’s expenses as they were no longer reliant on their previous PBX or ISDN30 services.

PureBlue worked with CLA’s database development team to migrate their services to a cloud based solution which integrated into their normal applications such as Microsoft Office. A dedicated, secure and reliable server solution utilising PureBlue’s resilient network allowed users to work remotely, thus allowing them to work more efficiently.

CLA continued to see further savings with their new system as employees were able to work more productively.

Seven years on, their system continues to be as reliable and with minimal maintenance and upgrades. Over the years further features and benefits have been added.

In 2008 CLA moved offices, something many companies see as a time consuming and costly exercise, due to the infrastructure PureBlue installed from the outset, moving costs were limited to a simple circuit shift scheduled on the day of the move.

“I know my business would come to rely on technology and the Internet more and more. PureBlue have guided me and advised me through the entire process and have provided my company with the tools it needs to stay at the forefront of our industry. I feel I have future-proofed my company and have every confidence that PureBlue will continue to keep us ahead of the game.”
- Ken Lathane, Managing Director
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